Artist Statement

I am a Photorealism junky, obsessed with painting ordinary things. Simple in subject matter and larger-than-life, my paintings depict iconic objects like crayons, chocolate, lipstick, stilettos and the infamous martini. These works of art infuse Photorealism with Pop Art’s vivid colors, bold lines, and focus on consumer goods.

I work tirelessly on preparation before setting down in front of the canvas. Using my camera as a sketchbook, I document commonplace objects from numerous positions using various lighting techniques and camera lenses. Through this process, I gather abundant information including intricate detail that the naked eye cannot see. The camera’s flash has a unique impact that creates glare and reflections that are incorporated in my artwork. Working from multiple photographs and still life modeling, I prepare my canvas with a detailed drawing. I can, then, focus on luminous color and technical accuracy. I choose oil to execute my paintings because its ease in manipulation grants me the technical ability to make a finished painting appear photographic. 

My paintings are inspired by the artists of the1960s and 1970s Photorealism  and Pop Art Movements. 

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