Artist Statement

Life is a collection of special moments that we often take for granted. Ordinary things can become part of these moments. With my contemporary realism paintings I stimulate the viewer to remember a moment in time. Simple in subject matter and painted larger-than-life, each object shows that it has “lived a life” that is one of a kind!

…a worn box of crayons….a special pair of stilettos…a favorite tube of lipstick…a delicious sweet treat…a memorable bottle of wine…each carry its own beauty and memory…

I am obsessed with painting the ordinary. Using my camera as a sketchbook, I gather abundant information that the naked eye struggles to see. After preparing my canvas with a detailed drawing, I can focus on individual characteristics that makes the item unique. Using oil paints gives me the ability to create luminous color and realistic detail. 

Sharon Guyton Lalik’s paintings are inspired by the artists of the1960s and 1970s Photorealism  and Pop Art Movements. 

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