“Using bold colors and strong lines, I create larger-than-life contemporary paintings that ignite a love affair between Photorealism and Pop Art.”

After being accepted into Virginia Commonwealth University’s Communication Arts and Design program, Lalik believed her childhood dreams were coming true. Feeling a little lost her freshman year, she stumbled upon the book, Photorealism by Louis K. Meisel. Within its pages, she learned of artists that were creating immense paintings of mundane cultural objects in a photorealistic style; this intrigued her. Two and a half years into her studies, Lalik had a tragic car accident which left her drawing hand broken in several places. Interior design was her fallback. As years passed, Lalik’s passion for drawing and painting never wavered. She painted on the side, still adoring the larger-than-life ads she witnessed during her childhood.

Born in Richmond, Virginia during the 1960s, Sharon Guyton Lalik was surrounded with pop culture. Advertisements were running full throttle on television screens, in magazines, and on enormous billboards. Sensationalized products in all their glitz and glamour were on display. Experiencing summers on Virginia Beach’s ad covered boardwalk during her early teenage years, Lalik fantasized about creating the artwork that adorned these venues. Soon after, drawing consumer culture icons became her favorite pastime.

Joining a local gallery in 1997, Lalik decided to give up her interior design business and devote herself to her art. Revisiting Meisel’s book Photorealism, Lalik decided to travel to New York to see the inspiring artwork that had opened her eyes to a different way of painting her favorite subjects. Charles Bell, Ralph Goings, Tom Blackwell, and Audrey Flack were a few of the artists that graced the walls of the Louis K. Meisel Gallery. “Looking at those masterpieces at that very moment in time, my heart knew the direction of my artistic vision,” said Lalik. In addition, Pop artist Andy Warhol influenced Lalik’s bold color choices and hard-edged lines in her paintings. 

Today, Lalik’s technique is to thoughtfully brush oil paint onto the canvas as smooth as possible to mimic the surface of a photograph. Her paintings are distinctive in that they are not about abundance. Each commonplace object is unique as a fingerprint; therefore, each is painted to celebrate it being a one of a kind.

For over 25 years, Sharon Guyton Lalik has been a professional artist. She is a long standing member of the prestigious International Guild of Realism. Her work has been chosen for the Illusion of Reality Museum Tour and Masterworks Museum Tour. Her artwork have been collected by art lovers around the world. Her paintings have been exhibited in museums and upscale galleries all over the United States. 

Lalik’s paintings capture the pleasure of childhood, a sweet treat, or a delicious glass of wine after a long day.

“Celebrating the simple things in life − one painting at a time.”

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